Moissanite Cut and Shape: Which Sparkles the Most?

Moissanite Cut and Shape: Which Sparkles the Most?

Moissanite gemstones are available in a wide selection of shapes and cuts. This article compares the top 8 best for the most sparkle and beauty. We will also discuss the unique properties of moissanite you need to know and its faceting system to help you decide on the best Moissanite shape and cut for your next ring.Moissanite cuts

Why Moissanite? Its Unique Properties.

Moissanite has unique physical properties that truly make it, unlike any other jewel. It’s a stunning gemstone that strongly resembles diamond in more ways than one, therefore offers beauty, durability and rarity. The beauty of a gemstone is usually defined by its brilliance, colour, fire and lustre. Moissanite’s brilliance is determined by its refractive index and is measured by the amount of light that enters the gemstone and is reflected back.
Moissanite, in fact, has a higher brilliance score than a diamond. The refractive index of moissanite is 2.65 compared to 2.42 of diamond. Fire, as it refers to Moissanite, is the dispersion of the gem combined with the cutting design or the breaking of light rays into the spectrum of colours and is measured by the number of coloured flashes viewed when the jewel is moved in various lighting conditions.
The dispersion of moissanite is 0.104 compared to only 0.044 for that of diamond. Finally, lustre is the amount of light that is reflected back from the surface of the moissanite. Moissanite again has superior fire and lustre.
In terms of rarity, it is much rarer than a diamond in its natural form, therefore, as such, all Moissanite available in jewellery today is lab-created. In terms of durability it is only slightly less than that of a diamond making it very durable and life long lasting and suitable for daily wear. When it comes to durability, diamond scores a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale while moissanite is only just behind this at 9.25 -9.5.

The Top 6 Best Moissanite Shapes and Cuts for the most Sparkle

Moissanite stones are available in a wide selection of shapes and cuts. We’ve selected the top 8 best for your next ring design for the most sparkle and beauty:
  1. Round ( 1st photo below)

  2. Marquise ( 2nd photo below)

  3. Cushion (3rd photo below)

  4. Square or Princess (4th photo below)

  5. Oval (5th photo below)

  6. Radiant (6th photo below)


Although the round brilliant moissanite makes the top of the list for best shape and cut for sparkle, with availability in larger stone sizes than other shapes, other top options include; marquise, cushion, square or princess, oval, radiant, pear, and trillion. See these shapes and cut moissanite stone’s from Forever Chic Jewellery, a Brisbane, Australia based store, below.


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