Custom Rings: How Do I Get a Custom Ring Made in Australia?

August 03, 2022


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Getting a Custom Ring Made

When it comes to a fine jewellery ring you may not be able to find exactly what you want or have the time to search for it. That’s where getting a ring custom made is perfect, with the added benefit of knowing that it will be completely unique to you and your style and exactly what you want. How though do you get a custom ring made in Australia? And how much extra does it cost to get a custom ring made, if anything?

Forever Chic Jewellery, a Brisbane based jewellery store is one top-rated option where you’ll enjoy a more personalised, stress-free service and even get it made at no additional service charge, unlike most other stores. To get a custom ring made you’ll need to take into consideration that you’ll need to have a clear idea of what you want, your budget, the best jeweller to work with and the extra time frame it will take, which we’ll discuss below.

Steps to Getting a Custom Ring Made -

1. Custom Ring Design:

If Possible, Have A Fairly Clear Idea Of The Ring Design You’re Wanting

Things to Consider:

       What do you want your ring to look like?

       How do you want it to make you feel?

       Do you want to wear it daily or just on special occasions?

       What’s the occasion for the ring?

All this will determine the durability of the materials you’ll need to request (if for example for lifelong daily wear), what stones and style best suits and what shape and gemstone cut will be most appropriate, type of metal and so on. By communicating this honestly to a jeweller it can allow them (if they offer a good service) to make suggestions and give different ideas about things you may not even be aware of that would be perfect for you.

Search for Visual Inspiration:

As a starting point, it’s best to find images or visual inspiration of ring designs you like that may not quite be right but have elements you like in the design you’d like in your own custom ring and within your budget (if the designs you find are too expensive).   

Examples For Ring Inspiration

custom rings australia

Alternatively, if this all seems a little overwhelming you could contact a professional and reputable jeweller for guidance and advice.

2. Custom Ring Budget: How Much Can You Spend On Your Custom Ring?

Next, you need to set a realistic budget when considering any piece of fine jewellery. For example, if you’re budget is say $1,500 but you want a 2-carat diamond ring, it’s not really being realistic but a good jeweller could suggest an excellent diamond alternative such as moissanite which is an excellent gemstone choice that highly resembles a diamond in many ways at a much more affordable price.

Know the prices of rings that are similar to the ring you’re seeking for as a custom ring, ensuring you are comparing the same quality of stones and metal alongside each other to work out the maximum you can afford and budget for your custom ring.

If you have the time it would be best to educate yourself about the different types and grades of gemstones and diamonds so all things being equal you can assure you’re getting the best value for money in a custom ring from your selected jeweller.

You’ll also need to keep in mind most jewellers charge an additional fee for custom rings and jewellery due to the extra time, sourcing of individual stones and creating of moulds and CADs from scratch etc.

Forever Chic Jewellery, however, is one of the very few, even only jewellery stores that don’t charge any additional fees for a custom ring or jewellery service. Custom jewellery design and creation is what Forever Chic Jewellery entirely specialises in and usually, our custom rings come in at a lower price than other stores worldwide without compromising on quality.

3. Choosing A Custom Ring Jeweller: Where To Get Your Custom Ring Made In Australia?

custom ring design service australia

With so many jewellery stores out there in Australia, how do you know which jeweller to go with for your custom ring? Ideally, you’d choose a jewellery store that specialises in custom rings and jewellery as they would be set up for that process and potentially offer a better service and price. You should always choose a trustworthy jeweller, of course, so check online for reputable reviews. When you narrow down to a few, ensure you check out their website for their style and quality of rings to ensure it aligns with your vision.

Then, make some enquiries and check how their communication level and service is for pre-sales, as this gives you an indication of the kind of service you’ll receive if you proceed to engage their service to design and make your custom ring. If they are prompt, friendly and helpful that’s a great sign in terms of service.

4. Allow Time: Timeframe Required For A Custom Ring?

Some jewellery stores are known to take up to 6 – 8+ weeks to complete a custom ring for a customer. So make sure you include this question when you enquire to your selected jewellers. This isn’t always the case though. Forever Chic Jewellery for example only takes 3-4 weeks to complete your custom ring or other jewellery order. You will need to allow for this time especially if it’s for an engagement ring or gift for a specific date. The reason it takes longer is due to the fact your ring is made from scratch, not just sitting in a jewellery store display. An initial consultation needs to be undertaken, followed by a professional CAD drawing for approval then production and so on.

5. Custom Ring Process: What Is The Process To Get My Own Custom Ring?

Usually, the custom ring process can be summarised like that of Forever Chic Jewellery’s process (though it’s best to check with each jeweller) which is outlined as follows:

1. Chat to an Expert: Request a no-obligation, complimentary price quote based on your design concept, precious metal, gemstones, and ring size. Send any ideas, design images and budget to allow the jeweller to get back to you with their best quote and specifications for you to find out who can offer you what you want within your budget.

2. CAD Drawing Design: Once you’ve selected a jewellery store to work with, they would usually create a computerised (CAD) drawing design which displays multi-angled renderings of your custom ring. Images of your CAD drawing will be sent for you to approve or request modifications to your design.

3. Approval and Finished Ring: Upon your final approval from all images and videos of your custom ring, the jewellery production team will cast your ring design in the agreed design specifications. Your beautifully finished piece is then thoroughly inspected by a Quality Assurance team and securely shipped.

Closing Words On How To Get A Custom Ring Made In Australia

So we’ve now outlined the steps you’ll need to take to get your own custom ring made in Australia. Start collecting inspiration, or get a free custom jewellery design consultation or quote, set a budget, pick the best jeweller and learn the custom ring process.