moissanite comparison to diamond

Can People Tell the Difference Between Diamond and Moissanite?

August 03, 2022


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There’s nothing quite like treating yourself or a loved one to a gorgeous fine jewellery ring. While many people choose or prefer to go with expensive diamonds, moissanite is an equally beautiful and less expensive alternative.

Moissanite is also not as commonly known about in Australia, as diamonds but most people fall in love with moissanite once they discover it and its remarkable properties and prestigious qualities.

Will people be able to tell the difference however, between a moissanite ring and a diamond ring? 

Read on for a detailed and factual answer to this question.

Is a Moissanite ring obvious it’s not a Diamond ring?

Short Answer? No.

Long answer? The average person absolutely can’t tell the difference between comparable high quality diamond and moissanite such as Forever LUXE Moissanite™. When you purchase a high quality grade/brand of either moissanite or diamond, they should be colourless (or near colourless), have perfect cutting grade and refractive of light just like Forever Chic Jewellery’s Signature Super Premium Moissanite which cut for maximum lifetime and superior brilliance with a perfect precision cut making it the most natural and closest diamond looking alternative gemstone on the market within Australia. 

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Another Important Note to Know about Moissanite vs Diamond

It’s also important to note that moissanite isn’t an imitation of a diamond, but rather an alternative type of REAL, gemstone that looks similar to a diamond with some similar properties as a diamond and a real, genuine gemstone. This means that a Moissanite ring isn’t a ‘fake’ diamond ring OR some kind of second-tier or inferior option. It’s a gorgeous, piece of luxury fine jewellery and stunning ring in its own right. Moissanite is defined as a real, genuine gemstone diamond alternative, very different to the more commonly known stones of cubic zirconia or "cz" which would be considered a “fake diamond” and completely different to moissanite. You can learn more about the Difference between moissanite and cz (or cubic zirconia) here.

Naturally occurring moissanite, is extremely rare and comes from meteorites, born from the stars. Natural moissanite is comparable to a GIA certified diamond, K colour. However due to the extreme rare nature of Moissanite, all moissanite rings and jewellery on the market are made of lab-grown moissanite and in the case of Forever Chic Jewellery’s Signature Moissanite (here), it’s grown in very advanced, high tech labs simulating the environment it forms in, in nature, so is chemically, physically and optically identical to its natural gemstone form.

Additionally, it is also available in colourless and near colourless quality grades (Equivalent to DEF colour or GHI colour of diamonds at most jewellery stores selling Moissanite or in Forever Chic Jewellery’s, Australian, Brisbane based jewellers, it case it comes in a superior diamond white colourless / D colour based on the GIA Diamond grading standards and super premium triple excellent to ideal cut grade, giving it the most natural, best diamond look on the market.

For this reason, to the untrained or unaided eye, this makes the difference between moissanite and diamond rings visually unable to be perceived. In fact high quality moissanite, can often test as a diamond with a professional diamond testing tool. That’s how close moissanite can resemble a diamond.

Also, there are so many varieties of diamonds out there that none of them look the same anyway. If someone does notice that something seems different (which may potentially only occasionally happen if they’re a professional jeweller) they’ll likely assume that you simply have a different variety of diamond than most people. Strangers don’t tend to look at other people’s rings for a long time or up close, so even a trained eye wouldn’t have the chance to analyse it enough to identify that the gemstone making up your ring is moissanite and isn’t in fact standard diamond.

Moissanite Vs Diamond. Are There Any Ways That People Can Tell the Difference?

Alright, so people can’t tell the difference between moissanite and diamond with the naked eye. That’s excellent news! Is there any other real way that people can tell the difference?

The answer to this question is only ‘yes’ to very specific people or in very specific situations. That’s because in order to tell the difference, you’ll need to have certain professional equipment.

Specifically, you’ll need to have access to a particular type of diamond tester. A diamond tester is a small device with a needle-like tip that you can place on any stone. More common diamond testers, measures how heat moves through your stone to see whether or not a diamond has been found. It will indicate with a sound or a display whenever it comes in contact with a real diamond. This however is not the most accurate tool to go by when it comes to testing a gem as a diamond vs any other type of gem including moissanite as moissanite and diamonds have very similar heat conductivity and this tool can often lead to a moissanite testing as a diamond.

Since only jewellery professionals tend to have these (and you would need to take your ring and put a tester on it in order to even make this happen), we assume that this probably isn’t an issue. Also, because moissanite heat flow is similar to a diamond’s, sometimes they even register as diamonds to these testers, as already mentioned.

As a result the most accurate method jewellers would use for this purpose is a multi-tester ie. one that measures both the heat and the electrical conductivity of the gem, only these diamond testers can distinguish between a diamond and moissanite.

Another good feature of the modern diamond tester, is having a metal detector that signals if you accidentally touch part of the metal setting instead of the stone. (This is important because if the tester doesn’t detect metal, it can indicate that you are holding a real diamond when you unknowingly touch the setting, even if the diamond itself is fake.)

Moissanite Sparkle Vs Diamond Sparkle

While the majority of people can’t tell the difference between a moissanite ring and a diamond ring, you may personally be able to see one distinction since you’re up close to it and have the chance to study it thoroughly. While diamonds sparkle brightly (both a white sparkle and some rainbow sparkle) , moissanite’s sparkle is even brighter and quite unique. It has more fire and a greater number of colours that appear up close under the light. 

moissanite versus diamond

However, this is only something that you’ll notice when you’re really close to it, in the right lighting conditions, and are already looking for this configuration of colours. You don’t need to worry about other people noticing it- some people consider it a desirable perk however if you're seeking the most diamond white, and closest natural diamond look and sparkle in your next Moissanite ring then Forever LUXE Moissanite™ is the moissanite brand to go for from Forever Chic Jewellery.

The video below shows our exclusive to Forever Chic Jewellery, Best , most natural diamond-like sparkle and Diamond - look, Moissanite gem on the market -

Forever LUXE Moissanite™

Our high tech perfect precision cut and tweaking of its faceting system, removes this visible rainbow flash giveaway of moissanite gems some don't like to have in their moissanite rings and  found exclusively only at Forever Chic Jewellery.

Should I buy a Moissanite Ring?

Now that you know that there’s not much of a real visual difference between diamond and moissanite rings, it’s time to learn some of the reasons that moissanite is a viable and attractive alternative.

Moissanite is more affordable or less expensive than diamonds are, which is the main reason that people choose them. When you go with a moissanite ring, you’ll have more options in the design you can select. For example ,you’ll be able to choose from larger sized centre stones and more accent stones, more choice in the metal you go with and so on.

One of our Most popular Forever LUXE Moissanite™ Rings. Can you tell the difference to Diamond?

One of our Most popular Certified Diamond Rings.

More Reasons why Moissanite is a good option for an Engagement Ring or Daily Worn Luxury Ring - 

Moissanite is basically just as durable as diamonds are - They’re a 9.25- 9.50 on the Mohs hardness scale, while diamonds are 10. This means that both diamonds and moissanite are unlikely to become scratched or blemished with daily wear, long term, so you don’t need to worry about that happening.

That fire and sparkle that we talked about earlier? High quality, moissanite will never lose this sparkle like the moissanite used exclusively at Forever Chic Jewellery (Forever LUXE Moissanite™ which comes with a lifetime warranty to back up its superior quality and beauty. This means that you don’t need to fear your ring dulling or becoming less sparkly with time, assuming you choose a high grade quality moissanite ring as not all Moissanite and Moissanite rings are equal.

And if you still decide you'd prefer a diamond ring, of course still a stunning option, make sure to request a diamond certificate. At Forever Chic Jewellery we offer a "Best Price Guarantee", so you can always have total peace of mind that you'll never pay too much.

Closing Words - Moissanite Vs Diamond. Can People Tell the Difference?

Many people worry that others will be able to tell the difference between a moissanite and diamond ring, but that simply isn’t the case. Now that you know that no one can differentiate between a moissanite and diamond ring, you can confidently start ring or engagement ring shopping. Whether you want something dramatic or subtle, we’ve got you covered at Forever Chic Jewellery. If you need some free guidance or styling jewellery advice or engagement ring education, connect with one of our experts today.