Moissanite or diamond? How to choose between a Moissanite or Diamond Engagement Ring?

Sep 1, 2022


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Both diamond and moissanite are stunning gemstone choices for an engagement ring. Moissanite is the closest, real gemstone to diamonds available, in terms of look, durability, colour and many would say, beauty but at very different price points. How do you choose between a diamond engagement ring and a moissanite engagement ring? This article will discuss the pros and cons of both to help you decide which is the better option for you.

The heavily marketed and more known of diamond, is apparently a “girls best friend” as they say. However once you factor in cut, clarity, colour and carat size, a diamond engagement ring quickly become quite costly and potentially limiting on the design you can select.

Moissanite on the other hand, has many similar features in fact of a diamond at a fraction of the cost which is discussed more below. When choosing between a diamond or moissanite engagement ring it comes down to a few key factors, these being, tradition, personal preference and available budget.

If you’re wanting the traditional engagement ring gem choice and potentially don’t mind compromising on a smaller design and lower grade gem, then diamonds would be the way to go.

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On the other hand, if you’re wanting more choice in ring design carat size and grade of gem than a moissanite engagement ring may be the better option and a lot more affordable. You may be happy to know also that no one can really tell the difference between a diamond engagement ring and moissanite engagement ring.

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Comparison of moissanite and diamond: Key properties

So what is exactly the difference between diamonds and Moissanite? The following summarises this:


Moissanite scores 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, while diamonds score a perfect 10. This measures the gems durability. Diamonds at 10 are very hard and thus very durable, and perfect for daily wear, lifelong engagement rings. Since Moissanite is only slightly below this, it also happens to make a perfect engagement ring choice for daily wear and lifelong beauty.


​Both Moissanite and Diamonds have colourless gem options

Brilliance / Sparkle:

Moissanite and diamonds are so similar in appearance that most people simply can not tell the difference. Brilliance, a gem’s ability to reflect light, gives it its sparkling appearance. A diamond is best known for its brilliance and sparkle however moissanite in fact actually has more brilliance, fire and lustre than diamonds.

The refractive index of moissanite (which refers to the angle of refraction and brilliance score) is 2.65-2.69 while diamonds score 2.42. Diamond and moissanite however have different faceting patterns which refers to how the stone breaks down light into the spectral colours. In large moissanite gems this difference can sometimes cause a slight rainbow sparkle under some lights.


When it comes to choosing between moissanite and diamonds, it really comes down to price for most people. The cost of a moissanite engagement ring varies depending on size and the quality of the stones, just as the cost of diamond engagement rings vary according to cut, carat, clarity, and shape. Lab-grown diamonds are also less expensive than natural diamonds.

The bottom line is that moissanite engagement rings are significantly less expensive than diamond engagement rings: a 1-carat moissanite engagement ring can cost around AUD $2,250 at Forever Chic Jewellery which offer best value for money prices, while a 1-carat diamond engagement ring can cost around AUD $5,500 at Forever Chic Jewellery which offer prices up to 50% off diamond rings than most other stores . It’s a huge gap. 

Closing Words: Should I choose a Moissanite or Diamond Engagement Ring? 

Choosing between a moissanite engagement ring and a diamond engagement ring predominantly comes down to personal preference and available budget. Are you a traditionalist needing diamonds or more open to the modern times of diamond alternative precious gem choices such as moissanite? It also depends on the size and quality of the gem you’re seeking and can afford. Moissanite engagement rings offer more choice and are more affordable while still being a high quality, luxury engagement ring option. If you still need help deciding which option to go with contact Forever Chic Jewellery for FREE guidance and advice.