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Explore our beautiful range of wedding bands that signify the shared future and forever loving bond, between you and your true love partner. You'll find only a select few of our latest designs for ideas and inspiration and just a beginning of what we can create for you.

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Moissanite or Diamond Wedding Bands & Ring Options

Forever Chic Jewellery is one of the very few Australian jewellers specialising in Moissanite & the only store offering a Signature Moissanite gem, fully certified as the most natural, closest real gem to a diamond on the market at much more affordable pricing.

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  • Selecting a Design with Special Meaning only to You

    Diamond wedding bands signify love with no end. Because a diamond wedding band is something you wear for the rest of your life, choosing a wedding band is a big decision, whether you choose a Moissanite, lab grown diamond or a natural diamond wedding band.

    From dainty moissanite or diamond bands to large lab grown eternity bands, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your wedding band.

    Consider the shape and style of your engagement  ring, and if you like a matching look or a mix and match wedding set. 

    Or perhaps you’d prefer a diamond wedding band in which case we recommend a lab diamond ring which is still a genuine real diamond but it is a fraction of the cost.

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  • Free Expert Custom Wedding Band Ideas & Guidance

    The wedding band is the second ring in a wedding set that should pair well with your engagement ring.

    Perhaps you’d prefer a diamond wedding band in which case we recommend a lab diamond ring which is still a genuine, certified and real diamond but at a fraction of the cost.

    Every couple planning to get married, need a gorgeous wedding band or diamond eternity ring to match her perfect dream engagement ring.

    At Forever Chic Jewellery, we use only the finest, lab or natural diamonds or best in the market diamond alternative, real gemstone, Moissanite, plus precious metal in any combination you request.

    No matter your choice, your new wedding band\ring will serve as a timeless reminder of the once-in-a-lifetime connection between you and your partner’s hearts.


Choosing your Perfect Ring

Forever Chic Jewellery offers endless options for your perfect wedding ring. Whether that be a flawlessly-created  lab diamond wedding ring or one of our premium moissanite wedding bands, you can be assured you will end up with a perfectly matched wedding ring for your engagement ring. We work with you closely with our complementary custom ring design service, to come up with your perfect wedding band option, personalised and designed uniquely for YOU.

Our diamond or Moissanite eternity wedding bands are the perfect way to symbolise your lasting love. With a free optional engraving to personalise your wedding band, these made-to-order wedding rings are a labour of love from start to finish.