Our "Best Price Guarantee" without Compromising on Quality

Our mission is to make luxury fine jewellery more accessible. As such, Forever Chic Jewellery’s Price Match Guarantee* assures you’ll receive the best possible price for any comparable item of jewellery.* We also believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice on quality to obtain the best value and that quality is just as important when searching for such a sentimental forever piece of fine jewellery. We understand the perfect choice is that which offers the best price along with high quality.

While we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our pricing, if you find a lower price elsewhere within Australia for less we’ll beat it by $100.

Exceptional Gold Quality Standard

At Forever Chic Jewellery, we place strict importance on maintaining excellence in everything we do to ensure your jewellery is durable and lasts the distance. As such we use only the finest gold alloys in our fine jewellery crafting. Unfortunately this is not a standard across the industry with many others using lower quality alloys such as nickel. Instead we use strong durable metals only, in our gold alloys resulting in our exclusive superior quality fine jewellery.

Superior Craftsmanship

At Forever Chic Jewellery, we continuously strive for superior craftsmanship in every piece we create. Each jewellery item is a testament to our commitment to quality and a showcase of our intricate attention to detail. Our expert craftsmen work meticulously to transform carefully sourced materials into exquisite pieces of jewellery, ensuring they exude elegance and sophistication. Using a blend of traditional methods combined with modern innovation, we sculpt each design with the utmost precision and care. We believe jewellery is more than an accessory – it's an enduring emblem of style, sentiment, and personal expression. Therefore, we relentlessly pursue perfection, guaranteeing that every piece from Forever Chic Jewellery carries an unmistakable imprint of superior craftsmanship.

Our Dedication to Only the Highest Quality

At Forever Chic Jewellery, our commitment to the highest quality is unwavering. Each piece of jewellery we create is a manifestation of our dedication to exceptional standards. Our selection commences from the sourcing of premium gemstones and metals, emphasizing ethical procurement and authenticity. We employ meticulous craftsmanship, where every design detail is pursued to perfection. Our quality assurance process includes rigorous inspections to ensure each piece's integrity, durability, and excellence - from its inception through the final product received by our valued customers. As a result, Forever Chic Jewellery doesn't just offer fine jewellery, but timeless pieces that are orchestrated with passion, precision, and exceptional quality at its heart.

Service All About You

Personalised Customer Service

At Forever Chic Jewellery, our commitment extends beyond the exceptional pieces we craft, and embraces the personalised customer service we deliver. We believe that every interaction with us should be as unique and precious as our jewellery. Whether it's assisting you in selecting the perfect piece, answering inquiries or ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, our trained professionals are always there to help. We endeavor to understand each customer's individual preferences and needs, providing tailored guidance and support throughout your journey with us. This customer-centric approach has been an integral part of our ethos since our inception, resonating our belief that true luxury lies in personalised service and attention to detail.

Advanced 3D CAD Model Design

At Forever Chic Jewellery, we reinforce the durability and beauty of your ring or fine jewellery and ensure a flawless fit by harnessing the power of innovative technology including modern 3D printing from a CAD model/file to design bespoke settings for each ring. This advanced methodology also assures an exact fit, enabling a firm grip of the claws on the stone, significantly diminishing any chance of the stone loosening.

We go the extra mile by meticulously evaluating the measurements of every gemstone in order to tailor a setting that not only accentuates the gem's beauty but also ensures good structural integrity. Our modern approach to jewellery design and craft distinguishes us from others who might depend on standard settings or rough estimations for the fit, potentially risking the piece's durability for longterm.

Ethical & Sustainable Materials

Forever Chic Jewellery is deeply committed to ethical and sustainable practices in sourcing our gemstones and precious metals. We conscientiously source only from mines adhering to stringent environmental and socio-economic standards, ensuring the rights, safety and well-being of workers are respected. We also actively support mining communities and contribute to their development. Similarly, the precious metals used are obtained from trusted suppliers who follow responsible mining practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact. By choosing ethically sourced materials, not only do we enable the creation of exquisite jewellery that resonates with beauty, but also contributes to a more fair and sustainable world.

  • How to get started

    Contact us by live chat or email and one of our Forever Chic Jewellery Consultants will be happy to assist you. When you contact us to redeem this offering, kindly have available the certificate/grading report and official competitor price quote or online link found elsewhere showing its published price and our Forever Chic Jewellery item at a higher price.

  • Our "Price Match Guarantee" Offer

    We will match from our inventory the best option that exactly meets the specs of your comparable jewellery item. When comparing your item found elsewhere, it must have identical carat weight, colour, clarity, shape, table and depth percentage, symmetry and other aspects to ensure we are comparing like with like. Our expert jewellery Consultants will work diligently to provide you with our $100 off and free australia wide shipping when all conditions are met.

  • Our Goal & Mission

    Forever Chic Jewellery business model, has been specifically structured with the aim to make luxury fine jewellery more attainable to more Australian’s, that would usually otherwise be unaffordable.

  • Our Offer & Promise to You

    We offer a Price Match Guarantee because we want to provide you with the best possible price, through a no-pressure, no hassle approach. We’re here to make this important financial decision simple and stress-free.

Best Price Guarantee T&Cs

  1. Forever Chic Jewellery’s “Best Price Guarantee”, also referred to as our “Price Match” applies solely to any item of jewellery sold at Forever Chic Jewellery.
  2. Price Match is valid prior to your purchase.
  3. To verify Price Match eligibility, FCJ requires a copy of the Moissanite or lab-Diamond or Coloured gem, grading report and reference to the current competitor listing intended for Price Match.
  4. Price Match only considers comparable jewellery with identical characteristics including carat weight, cut, clarity, fluorescence, table and depth percentage, symmetry and certification type. Please inquire with your FCJ Consultant for further details.
  5. The comparable item of jewellery must be listed on our store pages or provided and can be offer anywhere within Australia and AUD only.
  6. Alternatively any custom jewellery quote we have provided you that another store has quoted a lower price for and for the same exact item will also meet our our Guarantee and provide you a $100 instant discount plus free fast Australia wide shipping
  7. We will require proof of the other store’s official quote provided, their Australian store details and specified grading and quality documentation, showing the quote is for the exact design we also quoted for.
  8. Does not apply with or to any discounted, On sale or other discount sale offer.
  9. Does not apply to any orders to be paid for by interest-free financing. Card or bank transfer payment method is required to meet eligibility.
  10. Price Match applies only to a publicly available competitor item of jewellery or custom jewellery quoted offer, at their full list price.
  11. Price Match will not consider additional competitor offer codes, gift cards, rebates, bundles, coupons or other additional discounts or promotions.
  12. The competing price must be offered within Australia and expressed in AUD Dollar currency only.
  13. Subscriber discount offers or other coupone/promos can not be additionally added to our “Price Match” price we offer you.
  14. Price Match does not apply to pawn shop, auction, estate or other similarly structured second hand or stock display items.
  15. Time limited, clearance, liquidation, limited quantity, going out of business, loyalty program and other similar competitor offers and sale events are ineligible for Price Match.
  16. Price Match does not apply to typographical or pricing errors made by FCJ or our competitors.
  17. Price Match guarantee may not be combined with any other offers as not already mentioned above.
  18. FCJ, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to deny certain requests and modify or terminate the this guarantee if essentially necessary for reasons outside our control.

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