Discover our Signature Super Premium Moissanite, Forever LUXE Moissanite™

We cut our Moissanite stones to appear bigger and sparkle more. Our Moissanite has the widest possible diameter and optimum ratios and dimensions to appear larger than other moissanite of the same carat weight. Thanks to the superior cut that only our moissanite has, it features a perfect balance of fire, brightness and scintillation which ensures its sparkle and look is the closest to that of diamonds than currently exists on the market.

We have refined our craftsmanship to an art form and created the most beautifully cut moissanite gemstone in the world. Developed and controlled to be truly colourless and pure,

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Why Our Signature Moissanite?

1. Our Stones Appear Bigger & Sparkle More

Our Forever Chic Jewellery Moissanite gems, are superbly cut to perfect super Ideal/triple Excellent H&A (Hearts and Arrows) proportions, ensuring the highest light reflection entering the stone and a superior brilliance compared to any other moissanite brands.

With a perfectly symmetrical cut and increased surface area, our moissanite rings capture 100% of the light creating maximum brilliance and a larger appearance.


2. Natural Beauty. Superior Diamond Look

The less colour in a Moissanite stone or diamond, the more valuable it is. Our Forever Chic Signature Moissanite is exclusively created in the top D range colourless grade for unmatched beauty and striking detail. Additionally, both Moissanite and Diamonds have a rainbow fire in their sparkle but Moissanite's is particularly prominent especially as the stone size increases. Our Moissanite gems however which are hand-cut by our skilled gem cutters, deliver a sparkle in alignment with the same level of rainbow sparkle that diamonds have and more similar facets to diamonds unlike other moissanite - they even test as diamonds with most professional diamond testing tools.

As such our moissanite has lead to a breakthrough in the most natural, and closest diamond-look, alternative gem available on the market.

to Ideal H&A (Hearts & Arrows) standards - delivering superior brilliance, fire and intense sparkle for maximum light return.


3. Forever For Less. Affordable Luxury

With a Moissanite engagement ring from Forever Chic Jewellery, you don’t need to sacrifice quality or size to create the engagement ring of your dreams. Our moissanite rings are a fraction of the cost to a comparable diamond ring giving you more design flexibility while still offering a valuable, real gemstone option with the most exquisite diamond look available.


4. Real & Genuine Gemstone, Diamond Alternative

Created in the up to the minute, latest technological labs that mimic the exact environment in nature that gems are formed, our Forever Chic Signature Moissanite gems are optically, chemically and physically identical to natural moissanite gems making them a genuine and real gemstone.


5. Ethical and Conflict-Free. Quality you can Trust.

We're not only dedicated to offering exceptional service and value to our customers, but also what's best for the world as well. Our Moissanite gems are always guaranteed ethical and conflict-free of the highest standards. We are always committed to environmental responsibility throughout the jewellery production process. Every moissanite ring or loose gem purchased from Forever Chic Jewellery also comes with a free Certificate of Authenticity which guarantees its superior quality and lifetime brilliance